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FIATM HOLDINGS GROUP Corporation is a national entity that has a diverse portfolio of assets across various industries such as Automotive, Energy, Real Estate, and Finance. It is one of the largest asset-owning corporations in the State of California, with total holdings worth millions of dollars. The company prides itself on its management of these assets, carefully structuring and optimizing them to ensure the best return on investment. As a leader in asset ownership, FIATM Holdings Group Inc. sets a high standard for other companies to follow in terms of efficient and strategic management of their assets.

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FIATM DIVERSIFIED is the entity responsible for managing the miscellaneous entities across the entire FIATM Family Of Companies. These entities include non-core businesses, subsidiaries, and investments that do not fall under the primary focus of any of the other FIATM subsidiaries. FIATM Diversified works to optimize and grow these lesser-known business units, ensuring that they are aligned with the overall mission, values, and strategic goals of the Family. This streamlining allows the other subsidiaries to focus on their core competencies, while FIATM Diversified manages these businesses with a keen eye on profitability and growth potential. A sharp attention to detail and ability to identify market trends, FIATM Diversified plays a critical role in the success of the entire FIATM Family of Companies.

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FIATM INDUSTRIES is the operations entity for the larger FIATM Family Of Companies, responsible for overseeing daily operations and production, management, and logistics for the organization. As a key player in the Family, FIATM Industries works closely with the other subsidiaries, such as FIATM Financial and FIATM Holdings Group, and FIATM Diversified, to ensure seamless operations from end to end. FIATM Industries also plays a critical role in driving innovation, research and development efforts for the company, continuously seeking new and better ways to improve products and processes. With a focus on efficiency, innovation, and quality, FIATM Industries plays a critical role in the success of the entire FIATM Family Of Companies.

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FIATM FINANCIAL is the financial services division of the larger FIATM Family Of Companies Corporation, specializing in wealth management, investment banking, and insurance. The company generates revenue primarily through its investment activities, which include managing portfolios of assets for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. FIATM Financial also offers a range of banking services such as mortgages, personal loans, and annuities, which provides a steady stream of revenue. In addition, the company earns commissions and fees from its insurance products, which include life insurance, property and casualty insurance, and annuities. Collectively, these operations contribute to FIATM Financials strong revenue streams and financial stability.about you.


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The Nathan E Jordan Academy is a specialized school that offers both rigorous academics and competitive athletics programs. The school is committed to providing a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in both the classroom and on the field. The academic curriculum is challenging and diverse, offering a variety of classes in core subjects as well as electives that allow students to explore their interests. At the same time, Nathan E Jordan Academy is renowned for its athletic programs, with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced coaches that help students develop their skills in a wide range of sports. Through this combination of academics and athletics, students at the Nathan E Jordan Academy are able to hone their skills and develop into well-rounded individuals with the tools they need to excel in any field of their choosing.


The Family Is All That Matters Group Inc. herein referred to as (F.I.A.T.M). was incorporated in 2005 as a call from parents who were concerned about the education and success of their children within their communities. F.I.A.T.M.’S MISSION is UNIFYING COMMUNITIES 1(ONE) FAMILY AT A TIME. F.I.A.T.M.’s theory of change is based on family engagement in student academic and social-emotional life. All F.I.A.T.M. Group programs strive to involve families in organizing, outreach, education, athletics and other endeavors. F.I.A.T.M.’s tutoring & mentoring program (described in attachment) partners with other organizations to provide additional services in conjunction with our education/mentoring/athletic program for low-income parents with children. Parents and students learn how to advocate for their children’s education, teachers develop a better understanding of the socioeconomic impact on the community, and the school climate is improved by the consistent presence of additional caring adults. Tutors & mentors work, in tandem, in every grade from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, with the most efforts concentrated in Prekindergarten thru 8th grade. The program has a central focus of developing kids to reach their potential.

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