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The FIATM Family Of Companies (FFOC) is currently engaged in the process of designing The FIATM ESTATES — an innovative project that aims to create not just luxurious housing but also a vibrant and sustainable community. Through careful planning and creative architectural concepts, The FFOC is working towards developing an inclusive and diverse neighborhood that addresses the growing need for affordable housing. By integrating green and eco-friendly design principles, this project aspires to not only provide comfortable and affordable homes but also reduce the environmental impact. The FFOC's commitment to creating thriving communities extends beyond housing, as they intend to incorporate a community centers, park, and recreational spaces within The FIATM ESTATES, fostering a sense of unity, social interaction, and overall well-being.
The FFOC recognizes the importance of affordable housing in meeting the needs of individuals and families from various socio-economic backgrounds. With this in mind, we are actively involved in designing affordable housing communities that cater to these specific requirements. These initiatives aim to bridge the gap between housing affordability and quality living. The FFOC is dedicated to ensuring that these communities are not only financially accessible but also feature modern amenities, strong and healthy infrastructure, and a supportive social environment. By collaborating with architects, urban planners, and community stakeholders, the FFOC is working tirelessly to create affordable housing communities that will positively impact the lives of many, promoting a sense of stability, opportunity, and well-being for all residents.


FIATM Holdings Group Inc is expanding its sports, tutoring, mentoring and education program for low income, at-risk youth families in underserved communities by building a state-of-the-art Sports, Education & Recreation Complex. The FIATM Complex (herein referred to as ‘The Complex’) is committed to providing outstanding sports pavilions, recreation areas, and family environments for residents of Riverside County, Inland Empire, Southern California, and out of area visitors. 

The increasing

demands for sports facilities and decreasing revenues from the City’s general fund for recreational sports have made it a challenge to maintain the desired level of sports service offerings. FIATM staff believes we can positively enhance program opportunities if we can be in charge of all elements of our sports services. We currently rent facilities and fields from Parks and Recreation and as such are subject to their maintenance, or lack thereof. This is simply not acceptable to our standard of excellence at FIATM.

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A great deal of thought goes into  B2E Sports Academy. 

We have researched the latest trends on how children learn best and applied it to what we do. The following pages will show you how we do it—and what it means for our students. 


TEACHING / We personalize our teaching based on each student’s abilities and learning profile for maximum understanding and engagement—with minimal stress. 


CURRICULUM / We intentionally shape our schedule and curriculum based on how to challenge and support students so they can reach their highest potential Academically and Athletically. 


COMMUNITY / We structure the school day so students can participate in multiple extracurricular activities that make them healthy and well rounded. 


RESULTS / We graduate students who possess important character-based qualities that contribute to success in all areas of life and help identify excellent colleges that match each student’s interests. 


A Specific Approach to Learning

Trained in identifying and responding to each student’s particular strengths, B2E Sports Academy teachers are experts at setting up conditions for success while encouraging students to challenge themselves. 

At B2E Sports Academy, everything we do is based on how a child or how children learn best, and how people achieve success. The goal is to ensure that our students benefit from the latest knowledge on the path to gaining a strong foundation for college and the rest of their lives.







2020 POPULATION 36,875 +  Surrounded by the cities of Elsinore, Murrieta and Temecula.


  * 5 Major Restaurants 

  * Bank

  * Urgent Care/Doctors Office

  * Police Sub Station

  * Fitness Center

  * Food Court

  * Individual Store 

     fronts and shops

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